ARPHA Conference Abstracts

ARPHA Conference Abstracts
Submitting instructions


How to start and submit a manuscript


1. To start a manuscript, register/log in on the ARPHA Conference Abstracts (ACA) website (


2. Click the Start new Abstract button.


3. You will be redirected to your manuscript, where you can add co-authors, text, keywords, references or any other necessary element from the options in the left-hand menu. Start writing.


Note: Use the Tips and Tricks concise guide, if needed, or contact the ACA editorial office via the Helpdesk button.


4. Select a relevant conference collection from the Collections button located in the top menu.

Note: Please select “Vth International Congress on Biodiversity: „Taxonomy, Speciation and Euro-Mediterranean Biodiversity” from the dropdown list.


5. When ready, click the Validate button at the bottom of your screen.


Note: At this step, an automated technical check will run through your submission and alert you if there are any mandatory elements missing.


Note: If the system finds some technical problems in your manuscript, a pop-up window will show you each issue encountered. Please click on the links for each error and the system will guide you to the relevant place, where the issue should be addressed.


6. Once you have resolved all issues (if any) and the technical validation is successfully completed, click the Submit for technical review button, which will have appeared at the bottom of your screen.


Note: At this step, your manuscript will be sent to the conference organisers or the respective session convener for approval.


7. An email will notify you about the reviewer’s decision. If the manuscript is returned for correction, you will have to address the issues and re-submit for technical review.


Note: The manuscript can go through a few technical review rounds before it is approved for submission.


8. When your manuscript is approved for submission by the reviewers, click the Submit to the journal button, which will have appeared at the bottom of your screen.


Note: Please carefully go through the submission screens, providing the requested information to finalise your submission.


9. Click Finish on the last submission screen.


Congratulations, your abstract is now successfully submitted to ACA!



IMPORTANT: To revisit your unfinished submission(s), please log in through the ARPHA Writing Tool ( and click the See more button. You will be redirected to a dashboard where you can see all your recent manuscripts and their current status.