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The upcoming congress is a continuation of the already traditional meetings for scientific debate and exchange of new scientific knowledge between researchers, students, lecturers, members of scientific and environmental organizations from Europe (Italy, Malta, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Russia and others) and Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and others). It facilitates and deepens the interactions between people from the above groups working in a very dynamic environment fostering innovation that allows their research to always be on a high level and with direct benefits to society.

Previous congresses took place in Italy (2011, 2014, 2015) and Malta (2017). This year the congress will be hosted by the National Museum of Natural History - BAS and the Faculty of Biology at Sofia University. Co-organizers are the University of Catania, the Entefauna Siciliana Association, the Biodiversity Journal and CHLOE Gruppo di Ricerca Naturalistica e Culturale Strongoli. The congress is sponsored by Pensoft Publishers.

The meeting focuses on the following areas: plant and animal biodiversity; ecology of terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems; faunistics, floristics, taxonomy and systematics; protected areas and their management; invasive alien species and their impact on local biodiversity; engaging civil society in sustainable use of natural resources.

The goals of the congress are to communicate and exchange ideas and knowledge to ensure a higher level of research, enhance the qualifications and efficiency of career development of the scientists in Biology, and enhance the international cooperation already achieved in previous meetings.

The official language of the congress is English.

The results of the congress in the form of scientific papers will be published in the following peer-reviewed scientific journals: Historia naturalis bulgarica and Biodiversity Journal. The abstracts will be published on the platform ARPHA Conference Abstracts (ACA).


The Congress is co-organized by:

National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History, Sofia

Sofia University, Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Biology, Sofia University

Catania University Catania University
Ente Fauna Siciliana Ente Fauna Siciliana
Biodiversity Journal  
CHLOE CHLOE Gruppo di Ricerca Naturalistica e Culturale Strongoli

Sponsored by: